Murano Chandelier – Drop – 41 glasses – Opalino

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The Italian Murano Chandelier is more than just a source of light, it’s a work of decor art that reflects your unique taste and style. Hang it above your dining table to create a captivating focal point, or let it grace your living room, turning it into a haven of opulence and beauty. Its exquisite design and decorative impact make it an essential element in your interior design, elevating your decor to a new level of elegance.

The lamp in the picture has a galvanized brass frame that patinas over time.
Also available with other colors of your choice.

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Color: Opalino
Dimensions: 125 cm in height with chain (can be shortened and extended) 68 cm in height without chain, 54 cm in diameter.
Dimension glasses: 32 cm in height x 8 cm in width.
Light bulbs: 5 light bulbs: E27 dimension (not included in the sale) also works with dimmer
Weight: 25 kg.