Spectrum LED bulb – NOT dimmable – E14 4W(41W)


The Spectrum Krone light sources unite classic filament design with modern lighting technology and offer a pleasant light.
Does not work for dimmers.

Each variant is presented in a “full glass” design, which gives the light source the appearance of traditional halogens with LED filaments. This combines aesthetics and performance, resulting in a lighting solution that not only delivers the desired atmosphere, but also where the light fits into any interior style.


Product name: Spectrum 4W LED bulb, G45, carbon wire, E14
Product data: 4W with E14 small socket.
Connection: Connects to 230V supply
Brightness: 500 lumens
Spread: 300 degrees
Light quality: RA value of 80-85
Color of the light: Warm white (3000K) or Neutral white (4000K)
Dimensions: 78 x 45mm