FAQ Murano lamps

Your Murano lamp is sent by DHL express or FedEX directly from Italy, where the lamp is manufactured. When your Murano lamp is packed and handed in, you will receive an email or SMS with a tracking link where you can follow the lamp all the way.

We always strive to deliver your Murano lamp as soon as possible. Between 1-2 weeks, it depends on whether it is a lamp we have in stock or that it must be customized (it usually takes 14 days).

We use DHL Express or FedEX. They handle your Murano lamp in a gentle way and with fast delivery.

Vår partner gör ett stort försök att packa Murano-lamporna ordentligt. De är packade med flamingo och bubbelplast, i stora kartonger, så att lamporna har gott om plats, allt för att säkerställa att lampan kommer säkert.

Our Murano lamps are mainly composed in such a way that the metal structure is vintage. And depending on the lamp, it will be with vintage glass or newly made glass from Murano by glass craftsmen with several years of experience. These also have special permission to call their glass Murano glass, because they are mouth blown in and around Murano.

A Murano lamp is characterized by the fact that it comes from or around the city of Murano. Here they have a long tradition of creating beautiful glass art and lamps. This is often inherited craft, where techniques and crafts go from generation to generation.

The Murano lamps are sent either directly to the customer or to our address, where they can be picked up after purchase in our web shop.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see if a Murano lamp is too big or small. We are happy to help you find the right lamp with the right size. Feel free to contact us with questions: info@cherryvintageinterior.com
Or by phone: +45 42 30 36 56