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Murano chandeliers

The handcraft behind Murano chandeliers

Are Murano chandeliers made of glass from a special place? Or are they crafted with the help of special techniques? In fact, it's a combination of both. Murano chandeliers are crafted using glass from the renowned Murano region, where skilled artisans, known as maestros, meticulously create each piece.

The Italian masters use only simple tools to shape, polish and make the glass perfect.

Most of these tools were developed in the Middle Ages, and both the tools and the glassblowing process haven't changed much since then.
This method of glassmaking takes the form of unique and colorful creations with beautiful patterns and shapes.
These are called advanced Murano glasses and are made by the so-called Maestros.
Murano's special glass-blowing process is over a thousand years old, having been discovered by local artisans of ancient Roman glassware at the end of the first millennium and continuously developed and improved since then.
Very thin layers of real gold or sterling silver are often added to the glass mixture (also known as gold leaf or silver) along with various minerals to give it vibrant colors and designs.

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