Doves of Friendship

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Lovebirds are a symbol of harmony, peace, friendship and love.
Keep one and give the other to a special friend. As long as you each have your lovebirds, you’ll be friends forever.

This might remind you of the Christmas classic ‘Alone at Home 2’, where Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) is forgotten in New York and must survive against two villains. Kevin meets a slightly creepy lady in Central Park who is surrounded by pigeons. Later, the ‘bird lady’ helps Kevin and he discovers she’s not as scary as he thought.

At the end of the movie, she even saves Kevin when the two bad guys threaten him with a gun. The ‘Bird Lady’ becomes the big hero and Kevin’s friend for life when he gives her a gift of a lovebird he got at the toy store. That’s why these two adorable friendship doves are the most perfect gift to share with a close friend this holiday season! Every time you see this beautiful ornament hanging on your tree, you’ll think of your beloved friend with whom you share this memory. A beautiful and unique symbol of a close friendship.